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One-time Box

Need some candy just because? We understand and believe us, as fellow candy lovers, we don't judge! Besides everyone needs some great candy now and then. Order one of our one-time boxes for yourself or if you feel generous order a special occasion box for a loved one.  


Love the Candy - 3 Month Subscription

Our 3-month subscription boxes are the perfect way to bring happiness home on a short term basis. A box of candy per month for 3 months, not to shabby! Everyone needs to start somewhere. 



Embrace the Love - 6 Month Subscription

For those with an even a greater passion for incredible candy, may we suggest our 6-month subscription? Now this is something! Every month great candy and treats will arrive at your door and all you have to do is enjoy. May we submit that life cannot get any better than this?


Enable the Addiction - 12 Month Subscription

Do you have a  serious obsession with candy? We're happy to enable your candy fixation. We search the world over for unique sweet treats that will keep you delighted for 12 months. No Joke! (Not sure if Candy Lovers Anonymous meetings can help here.)